Police in action

10th JANUARY 2019

An Inspector Calls: confessions of a police speaker!


4th APRIL 2019

Creating balms and tonics to spring clean your face. 

Place your bets

4th JULY 2019

Las Vegas here we come, in

a fun casino night

General Meeting

3rd OCTOBER 2019

Dancing Queen 

7th FEBRUARY 2019 

Lets get glam as we learn

to dance Mamma Mia Style

Clued Up?

2nd MAY 2019

The Cluedo game comes to life at the Luxford Centre



No meeting this month

Wine & Pudding

7th NOVEMBER 2019

The best pairing for the 
dessert course 

Block Printing

7th MARCH 2019

Laura Dobson demonstrates

the art of lithograph blocks


6th JUNE 2019

Hoop your way to



5th SEPTEMBER 2019

After the summer holidays 

a chance for calm

Christmas Crafts

5th DECEMBER 2019

Wreaths and Christmas Crafts

during this festive meeting